Why Simple Software?

Because your attention should be focused on your business, not on your software.

Today’s applications often force you to conform to the software instead of the software integrating into the way you do things. Simple Software provides a database-driven platform for clients to create, manage, and use applications for all of their business needs.

From time cards and inventory management to point-of-sale and customer tracking, Simple Software can help your business streamline your products so that you have time to grow your company. As your company grows, your Simple Software solution grows with it because we make it easy for you to add, update and extend your application.

Our software has been in development and production since 1995 and is used by many clients with a wide range of requirements. We design our products to be flexible to your business needs and simple to learn.

Our Philosophy

Simple Software helps you create business solution software that will be affordable, easy to use, and help you get the job done without getting in the way.

Who Uses Simple Software?

Companies of all sizes and types. Some of our clients include

  • Sanrio
  • Golden Gate Park Golf Course
  • D. Harris Tours

and many more

Features and Products

Check out our features and applications, try our demo now, or contact us to help you set up a free trial with our many products!