Utilize our web operating platform to run one or more of these applications…

  • TimeClock – track your employees and contractors time with punchcard or timecard. Generate payroll with the push of a button!
  • Business Collaboration – secure sharing of data with your vendors, customers and contractors
  • HR Forms – manage your HR needs with our complete suite of request forms, new hire orientation and salary management
  • Helpdesk – give your employees and/or customers access to real-time support. Automatically sends an email when updates are made so they know you haven’t forgotten about them!
  • Chat – built in chat lets you communicate with your coworkers right from your home screen.
  • Content Management System – Manage and edit your website without ever leaving your browser.
  • eMail – our Simple Mail let’s you connect to any POP or IMAP server. Or create as many accounts for your company as you want
  • To Do List
  • Calendar – Manage group Calendars or link a Calendar to your Job List.
  • Business Process Automation

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