Enterprise Level Applications

Most organizations will manage their business using various disparate programs that don’t interact with each other in any meaningful way.

  • Your staff must bridge the gaps in communication between your software.  Result: lost man hours.
  • Your business’ most important data is stored in a proprietary format in a few different pieces of software.  Should you have any issue with your data you have few options but to go back to the software vendor for help.  Simple Software uses industry standard, open-source formats for their data storage.  This ensures the flexibility and portability of your data.
  • Heavy IT burden.  You’ll need staff in order to keep these programs running in harmony as the software vendors themselves rarely have any interest in having their application interface properly with another 3rd party software.

Simple Software builds Enterprise Level applications that will fulfill all your business needs.  Simple Software makes software that helps your staff be more productive and efficient…from tracking the call that gave you a lead to tracking the package as it leaves your manufacturing location to your customer’s door step.  One of our clients summed it up best when he said, “I want software that tells me what to do versus me telling it what to do.”

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