Task Specific Applications

We know that every business has specific needs that cannot be fully addressed with off the shelf solutions.  You may need an Entreprise Level solution, however, your business processes certainly have bottlenecks that limit your overall productivity. Simple Software can develop one or more custom applications to address these issues specifically.

Client Problem:

GC Homes, a successful community and land developer in South Florida, contacted Simple Software  to create a task specific application managing their process of communicating new home design specifications to their subcontractors in a timely basis.  Because new home owners are able to modify their design specifications, it was often the case that these changes were not relayed to the appropriate subcontractors before the work had begun.  This lack of communication proved costly for GC Homes and their subcontractors.

Simple Software Solution:

Simple Software built a task-specific solution that streamlined the Design Specifications process between Customer, Subcontractor and GC Homes.

  • Subcontractors are able to access a web-based system to verify and review the design specifications prior to their work.  This virtually eliminated erroneous installations.
  • Clients are able to view and modify their design specifications directly via a website.  Freeing GC Homes’ staff from having to deal with these change orders.
  • Because this is a web-based system, the solution requires no special software to purchase or install.  All that is needed is an internet connection and a browser.

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