We have proven that using Simple Software to design and host applications saves time, and increases productivity by 28-63%. Here are a couple of success stories that help highlight the flexibility of using Simple Software. Please keep in mind our consultants utilized our online tools for all tasks.

Sanrio Inc. – They were fed up with managing a popular help desk and asset management system. As usual, the “product” forced them to conform to their way of doing business. The shear complexity of the system, coupled with the overhead of managing its hardware made things more complicated.
Our consultants transformed their existing information and loaded it into Simple Software using our DB Tool. We determined their ACTUAL needs and used our Application Manager to generate their web forms. After we added their custom help desk forms, we enabled the auto-email feature which notified managers and employees of new or modified tickets. This cut down significantly on the time it took to manage support and kept everyone in the loop. We made things simple.

D’ Harris Tours – A small business that was growing fast, too fast. The amount of time it took to handle a transaction was increasing exponentially due to an antiquated system. What works well for 10 transactions, doesn’t necessarily work well for 10,000. We took their existing process and turned it into a web solution. No longer limited to local computers, the duties were passed around and every employee was able to contribute more. Their customers were granted access for specific tasks such as:

  • Requesting Quotes (email notifications enabled)
  • Modifying and confirming jobs
  • Printing and viewing invoice balances

Golden Gate Park Golf – One of our pilot programs, they were in need of an electronic punchcard system to track employee hours. Not only did this save them substantial time by auto generating their time sheets and payroll, it also cut down on lost productivity due to late arrival, long lunches and early departures. They were able to eliminate a costly bill to an outside payroll company as well.